Dominic "Dom" Jay

Don't make excuses... make threats.


Dominic is a human. 6’6" with short brown hair that is perpetually gelled into a pompadour style, dark green eyes. He is almost never seen outside of a three piece suit. Dominic has been described as a good man with a dark side.


Dom was orphaned at a young age. He grew up with his uncle, a renowned prosecutor turned defense attorney. As soon as he turned 16 he enrolled in the Taric Special Police Academy. He worked as a detective until he turned 21. His uncle came to him and told him he wanted to work for him. Dominic went to Law School when he was 21, his uncle footed the bill. He quickly moved up the ranks at his uncles firm. The Black Suns became one of his main clients. But he also does some Pro Bono work on the side. His tactics both in and out of the courtroom have been described as ruthless, ethically-questionable, and down right mean, however, he has never done anything that crosses his own moral compass. While his own moral compass is something he keeps to himself but the two rules that have been seen are, he refuses to represent slavers and he doesn’t kill people. When he’s not working Dom is studying everything from Medicine to Organic Chemistry.

Dominic "Dom" Jay

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