To Kill a MockingJay

Dominic Jay

1:30 p.m.
One week before the Quarantine.

“I’ve told you before Dominic, and I’ll say it again, just because you have a good counterpoint about the murder weapon doesn’t mean you should devote all of your questions to try and bait the other side to talk about the weapon. You spent so much of your focus on this weapon that our support for the other components of this case are severely lacking. To win in court, you need a balanced attack until the other side shows their weakness and then you stab without relent. You do not try to force your way into their defenses, cover all the bases and then strike when the other side slips. If you weren’t so driven on this detail about the weapon, you could’ve struck at the prosecutions main witness when they misreported the times of the buses, instead of asking question after question about the missing screwdriver. You have promise Dominic, but you need to do better. I didn’t save you from your metro police job and put you through law school for you to lose cases. Tomorrow I will take the lead on questioning and I advise you to take notes.”

Quentin Jay shook his head and then gave a slight smile towards you, “At least the case is still ours to win, the prosecution has nothing outside of circumstantial evidence. We’ll hit them with the Dimitrov Defense tomorrow, and wrap up the win the day after. Why don’t you run down to the bar, and get yourself a drink. You did decent and you look like you need it.”

Dominic’s uncle turned around and walked back down the corridor, presumably to talk with the judge and other lawyers. He was right it had been a long day, and it would be another one when tomorrow came. The uptown bar lay three blocks east of the courthouse, and the path led through many shops and alley ways full of beggars and peddlers. There was also a popular casino in town, favorited by local police and black suns alike. Dominic’s pocket began to rumble and he answered his comm-sat, hearing the familiar voice of his personal driver Gerald.

“Mr. Jay I just arrived out front in the Bentlon, where would you like to go?”


Dominic got in the car. As he sat down his playlist of blues music immediately began playing. “Gerald take me to the office.” as he sat down his datapad chirped. He looked down at his datapad the cryptic message began to decrypt in front of his eyes. The message read clearly

“Meet me in the parking garage at 23 westrange in fifteen minutes.” Dom clicked his tongue in frustration. “Change of plans Gerald take me to 23 Westrange”

“yes Mr. Jay.” Gerald was a good driver he would get Dom there with plenty of time to spare which was handy because gang leaders aren’t usually the kinds of people you want to keep waiting. Dom wasn’t just annoyed at the sudden meeting he was also annoyed because the fact that they weren’t meeting in Dom’s office meant this was going to be an off the books meeting. Not something that most lawyers do but the Black Suns paid quadruple when they had to have an off the books meeting. the car stopped briefly in traffic. Dom looked out the window and saw a group of men dragging a man into a building through an alleyway. One of the men looked over to Dom’s car and nodded at him. Dom noticed the Black Sun tattoo on the mans neck. Dom raised the glass of scotch he was drinking in the back of his luxury car and nodded back. A normal person may have been disgusted by what they just saw but to Dom… all he saw was dollar signs. One of the other motorists had to have seen the same thing Dom saw and would have called the local authorities. Dom had a sneaking suspicion that this was happening way too close to his meeting for it to be a coincidence. Gerald pulled into the parking garage and went to the middle floor.

Dom got out of his car and walked into a room located in the very middle of the parking garage. He walked through the first door and saw two large men with Black Suns markings standing in front of a door. “Sup fellas. I have a meeting.”

One of the men looked him over and said “I need to pat you down.”

The other man stopped him and said “Mr. Jay doesn’t get searched”

Dom winked at the big man and walked in and passed through the door. He heard the heavy thud of the the sound proof door being closed behind him. Dom smirked as he walked into the artificial darkness and passed through to the bright lights on the other side. The man standing in front of him was a Bothan. “Dom we have a problem.”

“Of course you do Kruger. We wouldn’t be meeting in a safe room if you weren’t about to be arrested. you wanna tell me why your people are grabbing people off the street?”

Kruger shook his head. “Of course you know about that.”

“Would I be any good at my job if I didn’t know that?”

“Fine, there’s something coming.”

“What the fuck are you talking about Kruger?”

“We’ve heard rumors that there’s about to be a large scale imperial operation in this sector. We think it’s on this planet. The Bosses are worried that it’s against them.”

“And grabbing people off the street is going to take the heat off of you?”

“No but if we can find out what they are doing we can plan our next step.”

“Only problem is now the authorities know what you’re doing.”

“Exactly, which is where you come in.” Kruger passed a folder across the table to Dom. “They busted one of our safe houses. They seized 500 kilos of real spice and found a couple of the agents we snatched up.”

“Let me get this straight. You not only want me to make these drug charges disappear but also find a way to make the fact that you kidnapped Imperial agents go away.”

“If it were easy we would have called your uncle… You have… other talents Dom.” Dom smirked and shook his head. He was referring to the fact that Dom had made a career of putting favors in the bank. He would help someone out of a jam and they owed him.

Dom whistled and shook his head. “That’s a hell of a favor to ask me Kruger. What’s in it for me?”

Kruger glared at him for a minute. “You get paid, and we owe you… again. Or we could just break your legs and make you talk. Or we could just leave and let the Empire come in. I’m sure they would love to get information on us and our private counsel would be one of the first people they talk to… in their own private room just like this, just with more knives and drills and other toys to get you to talk.”

Dom’s stomach turned. Kruger was right if the Empire came to town it would make things very difficult for himself. He looked Kruger in the eye. “Are you seriously threatening me? Kruger if it wasn’t for me you would be a rug on the blood tooth corsairs head quarters. I have personally gotten your organization out of more jams than you can count. You… do… not… threaten… me. Am I clear?”

The two men stood in pregnant silence for what seemed like hours. Suddenly they both started laughing. “Just had to make sure you hadn’t lost your edge. We will double your usual payment.”

“Good let me go make some calls and see what I can do to make your problems disappear. The Drugs should be fairly easy to make go away but the agents will be much harder. I may have to take it to court.”

“Fine. Just get it done.” Dom walked out of the room and back into the car. He told Gerald to take him to the office. While on the way he called a friend at the Forensics lab the drugs were destroyed in the incinerator. That takes care of the drug charges. No Drugs, no evidence, no charge. He tried to call his friend James Ren at the prosecutors office to try and plea out the kidnapping charge, but his phone just kept ringing and ringing, that was strange. James was a good guy who honestly wanted to do good but he had a gambling problem and got into trouble a lot so he owed Dom some favors. It was exceedingly strange that he hadn’t called him back yet.

He walked into his office and sat behind his large wooden desk. He had 30 unread emails and 5 missed calls. Most were from clients asking for help. As he sat down a news alert popped up on his computer. “James Ren murdered in apartment”. What the fuck is happening in this city he muttered to himself as datapad beeped again. “What the hell could it be now?”

To Kill a MockingJay

On the datapad, a message from Lieutenant Rickin, Dom’s old boss from his police days, was prominently displayed. Dom opened the message and it read,

" Dom,

You need to watch your back out there, James Ren was the third lawyer murdered this week. The other two were Samuel Jenkins, a minor partner at Lincoln Firm, and Nicholas Cree a former cop turned lawyer like yourself. These men had nothing in common except that they were lawyers. Who ever is killing these people must think lawyers know something they shouldn’t. This may be connected to a series of abductions near the Imperial Center. You and your uncle need to lay low and be careful. If you need to I can get you both off the planet. In eight days I have a shuttle doing prisoner transport to Dantooine, I can arrange to have you guys taken to Coruscant or Naboo for a little while until we can catch this guy.

On a side note, multiple detectives throughout the city have spotted you in sections of town known for Black Sun affiliation. I know you defend them a lot in court, but I heavily advise staying away from them in nonbusiness settings. (Attached to the message are a few photographs of Dom and Kruger closely talking, laughing, and shaking hands) The Vice Unit is putting together a case against the Black Suns and they are willing to take down everyone slightly involved. I removed these photographs from the case file, but know that you are being watched.

Be safe, be smart, be subtle.


To Kill a MockingJay

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