The Prisoner of Secrets

James Thosk

Charo Resort, Corellia
7:30 p.m.
One week before The Quarantine

The sun was just beginning to set, and the sky burned a beautiful auburn hue. It had been another relaxing day in a series of relaxing days. There were some things that the mind couldn’t handle so easily, and these days of paradise were exactly what was needed for James Thosk. One mojito after another, it was a company tab so money wasn’t a huge concern, although it was his company… but sometimes to forget old pain, the monetary cost is nothing.

“Package for you sir,” came the voice of the small statured bell hop. “Seems it was sent from Naboo, thats funny you know with the war and everything…” His voice trailed off as he dropped the package and acquired his tip. Without another word he scurried off to undoubtedly pester another patron for services.

The package was a plain yellow envelope and was sealed in magnetic wax with the symbol of the Galactic Empire. Except these seal was slightly different and on closer review showed the eyes of the great Imperial Phoenix to be slightly crossed. Using the silver ring upon his finger, Thosk produced the correct electromagnetic frequency and the envelopes seal dissipated into nothingness. The contents of the envelope were as followed:

“Attention Agent Iceman,

Operatives in the field have uncovered evidence that suggests that there is a conspiracy group behind the Galactic Civil War. Though we can not know for certain, heavily damaged data pads have been recovered from the bodies of imperial and rebel soldiers alike. These data pads have no data on them, they were all wiped, but they all traced back to a small shop on the outer rim world of Taris. This shop is known in some circles to be a safe house for the Black Suns although we cannot know for certain. We need you to go to Taris and investigate this lead. You are the only one we can trust to do this, we need you. For this task you will be completely alone, we cannot help you, nor can we recognize that you exist. From this moment on we have no affiliation with you, and you never were affiliated with us. On the Wheel there should be a ship for you, the shops coordinates are loaded into the nav computer. Infiltrate the Suns and uncover this conspiracy. Good luck and may the Force be with you.

A. Tulloch"



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